Price Match Guarantee

We work very hard to ensure that we are always offering the absolute best prices online.  If you find another online store that offers a lower price than us within six months of your purchase date please let us know and we will refund your original payment for the difference.  We want you to feel confident that you are getting the absolute best price for the product you are ordering.  If you find that our own website has a lower price for the same item you have ordered within six months of your purchase date we'll refund the difference as well.

To request your partial refund simply e-mail us a link to to the same product on our website, or on our competitors website within six months from the date of your order and we will process the credit accordingly.

Please include in your message:

    1. A screenshot of the bottom line price on our competitors website 
    2. A screenshot of our bottom line price 
    3. **Note: The bottom line price is the price you see after proceeding through the entire checkout process and pausing right before you submit the order. This price includes Shipping & Handling fees, Tax Fees, and any other fees. Many other sites will hide these costs during the check-out process.
    4. **Note: Conditions apply. Please see below. 


Our 100% Price Guarantee does have a few limitations:

  • The product must be identical (brand, model, color, dimensions, options chosen) to the product in question on
  • You must purchase the item from our website before requesting your Price Match Guarantee
  • Promotions such as rebates and buy one, get one free offers, or anything else of that nature are not eligible 
  • The item must be in stock on the competitors website
  • The competitor must be an online store, they may not have a physical brick & mortar retail location
  • The website can not be a discounter or auction website (ie; eBay, overstock, etc..)
  • The competitor must be an Authorized Retailer of the product in question
  • The item price, taxes, and shipping charges are taken into account
  • The competitor advertised price must adhere to MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) set forth by manufacturers/suppliers
    • Some Brands that are known to not adhere to MAP and are excluded from price match guarantee include but are not limited to: Alpine Furniture and Baxton Studio