Now, by romantic, I don't mean you should convert your bedroom into a red blob. When people mention Valentine's Day, thoughts of roses, heart-shaped decorations and balloons, gifts, a romantic dinner, and candles fill the room. Many couples often neglect the epicenter of a romantic relationship in their bedroom.

Valentine's Day balloons and decorations

Valentine's Day is a day initially set aside to celebrate the heroic acts of St. Valentine. Today, couples worldwide use Valentine's Day to commemorate their love for each other. In the time of St. Valentine, engagements and marriages were banned by Claudius the Cruel of Rome.

The rule didn't deter St. Valentine. He continued in his priestly of performing marriage ceremonies for young lovers because it was the right thing to do. In the end, he was caught, and he was beheaded on February the 14th. Today, we celebrate him for his selfless acts for the sake of love (even though the celebration now is more about romance than love).

In my opinion, both sides (Love and romance) complement each other.

One of the common mood killers of a Valentine's Day night is the vibe of the room. Why else would some couples spend a fortune on expensive hotel suites for that day alone? As a day of love, it makes sense for couples to try and spice up things in their bedroom. Magical moments are created when both parties feel at ease, especially when the atmosphere is just right. 

Love is more sign over a bed

For older couples, just a few additions to their decorations might be what they need to bring back the jolly days, while for the newbies, this might be just what you need to keep the engine running (if you know what I mean).

Now, I could bore you with the detailed analysis of how certain chemical substances in our body bring about the excitement of being with our partner, but I'm not going to. I can tell you that our senses play a huge role. The things we see, feel, hear, smell and touch, around our loved ones contribute to how heightened our mood is around them and vice versa.

Couple on a bed holding hands and feet

Right now, for your pleasure, I'm going to leave you with not just your typical Valentine's Day decorations but romantic ideas that will help set the ideal mood for your celebration. So, to that effect, here are some bedroom design ideas for you to spice up your special day with boo.


  • Have a THEME in mind: Like Makeovers, the best thing about decorations is the theme behind it; if "Acts of Service" is the love language of your partner, how you decorate the room would matter to them a lot. There are lots of unique themes you can choose from, but the best will be that which matters the most to you and your better half.
  •  Appealing TEXTURE: Now, as you create a theme for your bedroom, the texture of your bedding will be essential. I don't know about you, but I'd like to be in a comfortable bed enveloped in soft fabric, blankets, and pillows (especially if you guys like pillow fights). You don't need to go all out on buying fancy bedding linen, though. It can take just a bit of creativity with whatever your budget is to help set the mood. The bottom line, you guys should be comfortable.
    Woman sitting on husband's lap next to window
    • Remove DISTRACTIONS: When tidying up for Valentine's Day, you're not only removing dirt or straightening out your linen. You should remove ANYTHING that will distract you and your partner's attention from the theme of the room. If it catches your eye and has no symbolic meaning to the theme, remove it.
    Couple dressed in white kissing
    • Make use of Romantic LIGHTING: Your lighting of choice will depend on your theme. But generally speaking, soft glow bedside lamps or string lights will do the trick. You don't need to use red bulbs as people did in the #silhouettechallenge. Studies show that such bulbs cause stress to couples that defeat the aim of romance.
    Couple kissing on bed with string lights
    • Add flickering SHADOWS: By this, I mean candles. Although it might seem like a cliché, couples have been using candlelight for the longest time as an excellent way to set the mood for your special day.  


    What are some ways you plan to “romance up” your bedroom for Valentine’s Day? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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